AGM 2018: Looking back on an eventful year for Community Foundations of Canada

At Community Foundations of Canada’s Annual General Meeting in Windsor, Ontario, we took the opportunity to reflect on our successes and challenges from the past year as well as how we have grown as a movement.

In addition to welcoming three new foundations to our movement in 2017, notably Onanole, Manitoba.; Wood Buffalo, Alberta; and the Yukon, we are proud of the impact and formidable efforts of the 191 community foundations who, thanks to several national programs, really demonstrated the power of working together to achieve collective goals. Whether by helping welcome Syrian refugees, by exploring belonging across Canada, holding space for, and initiating complex conversations around reconciliation, or by participating in the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th, our movement has witnessed some unprecedented successes. We look forward to seeing how this momentum will continue to build in 2018.

Looking ahead, we see a continuation of many of our current strategic priorities, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, pan-Canadian opportunities for movement-wide impact and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. Reconciliation, for instance, will require not only a commitment to listening and learning, but also action, in the form of restitution and restoration.

Finally, our AGM was also a moment to recognize and honour the dedication and hard work of a few board members whose terms have ended, and to welcome some new faces onto the Board.

Meet the new members of our Board of Directors

We are delighted to welcome seven new members on to the Community Foundations of Canada Board of Directors. They are:

  • Karen Bouchard, Executive Director, Québec Philanthrope (Québec, QC)
  • Diane Carey, Former Board Member, Fondation communautaire de la Péninsule acadienne inc. (Tracadie-Sheila, NB)
  • Chandra Clarke, Chair, Board of Directors, Edmonton Community Foundation
  • Trisha Finnegan, Vice President, Mission & Impact, Community Foundation of Louisville (Louisville, KY)
  • Brock Hart, Board Member, Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation (Kitchener, ON)
  • Kevin Lamoureux, Instructor, University of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, MB)
  • Julia Sanchez, President & CEO,Canadian Council for International Co-operation (Ottawa, ON)

A thank you to our outgoing Board Members

We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all outgoing board members for their contributions to Community Foundations of Canada’s movement and their local foundations. We deeply appreciate their commitment to board innovation and their support in growing the reach and impact of community philanthropy across the country.

  • Jessica Labonte (active 2012-2018) Former Board Member, Banff Canmore Community Foundation (Banff, AB)
  • Spencer Duncanson (active 2012-2018) Board Member, The Winnipeg Foundation (Winnipeg, MB)
  • Terry Cooke (active 2012-2018) President and CEO, Hamilton Community Foundation (Hamilton, ON)
  • Don Thurston (active 2012-2018) Honorary Life Director, Calgary Foundation (Calgary, AB)
  • John MacIntyre (active 2015-2018) Former Chair, Toronto Foundation (Toronto, ON)
  • Yvan Gauthier (active 2017-2018) President and CEO, Fondation du Grand Montréal (Montreal, QC)

Thank you for your participation (including those who called in!)

Thank you to all who participated in the AGM. We were thrilled to see a number of community foundations across Canada take advantage of our teleconference system to listen to the Annual General Meeting. This was the first year we have offered this option and your feedback on this experience is welcome. We look forward to continuing our efforts to increase access to such gatherings in the future.

AGM 2019

Our next Annual General Meeting will take place in Victoria, B.C. alongside our 2019 Community Foundations Conference next June. We look forward to seeing you there!

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