What is a community foundation and how can I find mine?

Community foundations are charitable organizations dedicated to improving communities in specific geographical areas. They do this by pooling charitable contributions together and building community knowledge to act on local priorities.

With an intimate understanding of local needs and opportunities, community foundations champion issues that matter by directing grants and other investments towards everything from shelter, education, and care for those in need, to the arts, environment and recreation.

More than 85% of Canadian communities have access to a community foundation – from our largest cities to our smallest towns.

To find the community foundation nearest you, enter your postal code into the Find a Community Foundation map. Visit the community foundation’s website or contact them directly to find out when and how the Fund will be available to you.

If your project will take place place in a community other than the one where your organization is based, contact the community foundation that serves the area where you intend on conducting your project.

Initiatives that involve multiple projects in multiple communities (eg. a roadshow series of events) would need to submit individual project applications for each local activity, indicating the relevant community foundation.