May28 2018

Strengthening your public policy strategy through collaboration

Noon – 1 p.m. EDT

Online Event

Note: This event was previously scheduled to take place on May 23 but has been moved to June 12.

Many community challenges are the symptoms of deeper underlying problems or broken systems. What opportunities emerge when we look at the each of these challenges as connected to a broader ecosystem — one that involves other sectors, including government and their policy decisions? How can community foundations, in their unique position as community leaders and conveners, engage partners and government to shape public policy and address social challenges at their root?

The Nonprofits Driving Public Policy series is a five-part webinar series put together by the Ontario Nonprofit Network and Maytree to grow the capacity of nonprofits to actively participate in the development of public policy to influence positive change for communities. The series features five skills and knowledge-focused webinars to strengthen public policy strategies, sharpen communications, create networks and allies and build the confidence of nonprofits to engage in the public policy process — from front line staff to executives and leadership volunteers.

Community Foundations of Canada is a learning partner on this initiative, and the webinar series is available free of charge to board and staff at member community foundations.

Each webinar is one hour, and will be held from Noon–1 p.m. EST. Participants may attend individual webinars or the entire series:

*These three webinars will be used as the foundation for Community Foundations of Canada’s upcoming Public Policy Learning Community, an opportunity for up to 20 community foundations to dive deeper on the connection between public policy and community leadership.

For more information on the webinar series or Community Foundations of Canada’s Public Policy Learning Community, contact Laurel Carlton at