Community Knowledge

We know from experience that community knowledge contributes to a deeper understanding about the wellbeing of our communities and fosters collaboration with others. Community knowledge also encourages the building of stronger, more interconnected communities that better meet the needs of individuals and allow innovation and prosperity to flourish.

Community knowledge is at the heart of our work as community foundations. Our network of local leaders and the knowledge they hold about communities across the country are one of our greatest assets, and we put that knowledge to work for people interested in giving – connecting donor passions with community needs to have a significant and long-term impact.

Through the practice of knowledge philanthropy, we’re working across our community foundation movement and the country to activate non-financial capital in pursuit of social change.


As we build knowledge around issues like food, healthy living, and youth we can have the courage to take action where our communities need it most. We do that in a variety of ways across our movement.

Our flagship national Vital Signs program led by community foundations leverages local knowledge to measure the vitality of our communities, identify significant trends, and support action towards improving our quality of life.

And as host partner of the cross-sectoral Community Knowledge Exchange platform, we’re focused on catalyzing fundamental shifts in how individuals, institutions and communities build and share community knowledge.

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