Foundation Essentials

Starting with the ‘how’ to create a community foundation this section features the core components of building and leading a successful organization.  

1.1 Community Foundations 101

Working with professional advisors

Webinars - This webinar features strategies for building a strong advisor network for your foundation

Webinar: Asset Mix Matters

Webinars - How to maximize your impact with the right investments

Snapshot of Canada’s Community Foundation Movement (2016)

Fact Sheets - A 2016 overview of facts and figures about Canada's community foundation movement

Snapshot of Canada’s Community Foundation Movement (2015)

Fact Sheets - A 2015 overview of facts and figures about Canada's community foundation movement

Community Foundation Start Up Manual (2014)

Manuals - The steps to help you get a community foundation started and launched in your community.

How a Community Foundation and a Community Fund Work (2014)

Fact Sheets - This infographic explains the difference between a foundation and a fund, as well as how the two work in connection to have an even greater impact in your community.

Community Fund Decision Points (2014)

Fact Sheets - What a community foundation needs to consider when establishing local community funds.

Giving to Your Community Foundation (2014)

Fact Sheets - As an easy first step, this infographic outlines the relationship between a donor and a community foundation in establishing a fund or gift.

Mapping Your Community Philanthropy (2014)

Fact Sheets - This tool can be used to gain a deeper knowledge about the people and organizations working in your community and how best to work together.

Community Funds Case Studies (2014)

Toolkits - Learn from two community foundations how they built local community foundations.

1.2 Administration and Finance

Identifying the true donor

Manuals - How to properly identify true donors for the Canada Revenue Agency

Impact Investing Guidebook for Canadian Foundations

Guides - A resource to help community foundations build out their impact investing practice

Community Foundation Regulatory Checklist (2017)

Manuals - A guide to legal and fiscal requirements for community foundations under Canada’s Income Tax Act.

Better Together: Working with Non-Qualified Donees (2016)

Webinars - In many communities, there are few charities but many nonprofits. In this case, what are the rules and how do you work within them?

Better Together: A Guide for Charity / Non-Charity Partnerships (2016)

Guides - This handbook seeks to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of charity and non-charity partnerships.

Deed of Gift Template (2016)

Tips and Tools - Formally known as Creating a Good Fund Agreement, this template provides the key clauses needed to establish a fund.

Administration Handbook for Canadian Community Foundations (2016)

Manuals - Manual on how to setup and maintain administrative systems for community foundations.

1.3 Governance and Policies

When Disaster Strikes: A guide for community foundations

Documents - This resource details the different ways foundations can be prepared for natural and human-made disasters that may affect their communities.

Directors and Officers Liability (2016)

Tips and Tools - Outlines the components of insurance for board members and the foundation.

Our Movement. Our Moment. (2014)

Fact Sheets - A poster of CFC’s strategic directions and collective impact of our movement.

Board Recruitment (2011)

Tips and Tools -

Accountability (2011)

Tips and Tools -

Policy Guidelines and Template Manual (2009)

Manuals - Ensure good governance practices with this comprehensive list of policies and template forms

Key Policies for Canadian Community Foundations (2016)

Manuals - If you are looking to update or review policies this is the resource you need to ensure good governance. Each policy includes reference to Imagine Canada's accreditation process.

1.4 Fund Development

Establishing scholarships, bursaries and awards

Documents - An overview of the advantages, disadvantages and how-tos

Engaging the next generation of philanthropists

Webinars - Join Aneil Gokhale and Nicole Lilauwala of the Toronto Foundation to learn about their Vision 2020 initiative

Balanced Investing 2.0

Guides - A look at a new investing option for foundations

Impact Investing Guidebook for Canadian Foundations

Guides - A resource to help community foundations build out their impact investing practice

Gift of Securities (2016)

Tips and Tools - An overview of the guidelines in accepting a gift of securities for your foundation.

Professional Advisors eResource (2016)

Guides - An online guide for professional advisors to help with charitable giving.

What is the Right Type of Gift? (2014)

Fact Sheets - Understanding the different types of gifts that exist can help determine how contributions can have the greatest impact.

Fundraising Tips for Board Members (2014)

Tips and Tools - Strong leadership and active participation by Board members are key to making a difference locally.

Youth in Philanthropy (2011)

Tips and Tools - There are many approaches to engaging youth and extensive experience to draw on.

Third Party Fundraising Events (2009)

Tips and Tools - This Tips and Tools will outline some considerations a community foundation should have in place through a Third Party Events Policy.

1.5 Marketing and Communications

Community Foundations of Canada Logos and Guidelines (2017)

Toolkits - Community Foundations of Canada's logo in various formats and brand guidelines

Storytelling with Andy Goodman (2015)

Webinars - How community foundations can tell their smart and caring stories with Andy Goodman of The Goodman Centre.

Smart & Caring Communities Toolkit for Community Foundations (2014)

Toolkits - This toolkit provides community foundations with a series of five modules of tools to discuss, plan, promote and activate Smart & Caring Communities in your hometown.

Tools for Giving Marketing Toolkit (2009)

Toolkits - Everything your community foundation needs to communicate the community foundation difference. Just add a few of your own facts, figures and stories and this suite of professional fact sheets is ready to go.

Donor Engagement / Donor Advised Fund Marketing Toolkit (2007)

Toolkits - This Toolkit provides foundations of all sizes with internal and external tools to market the "community foundation difference" to your target audiences.

Communications and Marketing for Community Foundations (2016)

Manuals - Targeted information to help you get your message out to your community.

Professional Advisors: Marketing Toolkit (2006)

Toolkits - Designed to help community foundations reach out and build relationships with professional advisors.