Planning for Impact

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There are many ways community foundations can engage and create impact. This section gives an overview on grantmaking basics and initiatives offered by CFC.

2.1 Grantmaking

Better Together: Working with Non-Qualified Donees (2016)

Webinars - In many communities, there are few charities but many nonprofits. In this case, what are the rules and how do you work within them?

Better Together: A Guide for Charity / Non-Charity Partnerships (2016)

Guides - This handbook seeks to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of charity and non-charity partnerships.

Sustainable Food Systems – A Landscape Assessment for Canadian Philanthropy (2016)

Reports - This report explores the current Canadian food system and highlights key opportunities for funders to support work to drive significant and systemic impact in this field.

Sport & Philanthropy Toolkit (2016)

Toolkits - This resource is a playbook for sport organizations and community foundations that are interested in working together to unlock funding for community benefit.

Grantmaking Toolkit for Canadian Community Foundations (2006)

Manuals - Basic tools to help you make the most of your grantmaking dollars.

2.2 Vital Signs

Vital Signs – Communications (2017)

Webinars - Communications strategies for community foundations participating in Vital Signs.

Vital Signs – Community Engagement and Collaboration (2017)

Webinars - A webinar on engaging your community in the Vital Signs program.

Vital Signs Orientation (2017)

Webinars - An overview of the Vital Signs program.

Belonging: Exploring Connection to Community, Vol. 2 (2016)

Reports - This year’s report focuses on one side of Belonging Street – using the lens of social participation to better understand how we as individuals feel that we belong.

Communications Toolkit for Community Foundations (2016)

Toolkits - A communications package for community foundations participating in Vital Signs 2016.

Tools and Resources for Vital Conversations (2016)

Guides - A guide for community foundations to help with planning a Vital Conversation, part of the Vital Signs program.

Sport and Belonging: A “how-to” for community foundations (2016)

Toolkits - In conjunction with our Vital Signs report on Sport and Belonging, we have developed this guide to help community foundations explore this approach in your community.

VitalSigns4All (2016)

Webinars - An introduction to VitalSigns4All, a refresh of the community foundation Vital Signs program.

Taking the pulse of community foundation food activity across Canada (2015)

Reports - A follow up to our national 2013 Vital Signs report "Fertile Ground".

Belonging: Exploring connection to community (2015)

Reports - Our 2015 Vital Signs report looks back over the past 50 years at our sense of belonging and where we as communities and a country are going next.

Fertile Ground – Sowing the seeds of change in Canada’s food system (2013)

Reports - The 2013 national Vital Signs report exploring our relationship with food and how communities can mobilize to build better food systems.

2.3 Community Fund for Canada's 150th

Community Fund for Canada’s 150th Fact Sheet (2016)

Fact Sheets - A fact sheet for organizations interested in applying to the Community Fund for Canada's 150th.

Acknowledgement Guidelines (2016)

Tips and Tools - Acknowledgement guidelines for community foundations and grant recipients of the Community Fund for Canada's 150th.

Guide for Community Foundations (2016)

Guides - A guide to the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th for participating community foundations.

Hosting a community conversation for Canada’s 150th (2016)

Guides - A series of tools and resources that will help you host a community conversation around Canada's 150th anniversary of Confederation.

Canada 150 Conversation Kit (2013)

Manuals - A guide to imagining Canada's 150th anniversary

2.4 Smart & Caring Communities

Smart & Caring Communities Toolkit for Community Foundations (2014)

Toolkits - This toolkit provides community foundations with a series of five modules of tools to discuss, plan, promote and activate Smart & Caring Communities in your hometown.

Overview and Infographic (2014)

Fact Sheets - A visual look at Smart & Caring Communities in action across Canada.

Smart & Caring Stories in Action

Stories - A collection of smart & caring stories from communities across the country.

Smart & Caring True Sport Overview (2014)

Fact Sheets - How community foundations can engage in the Smart & Caring True Sport program.

Smart & Caring True Sport in Action (2014)

Stories - Stories of how community foundations and sport organizations are working together.

Message from Rideau Hall (2013)

Videos - Recorded specially for community foundations, this template address can be used in presentations, on websites, or live at events.