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CFC hosts webinars on a range of topics relevant to the work of community foundations, from how to prepare the T3010 to working with non-qualified donees. Our most recent and relevant webinars are listed below. To sign-up for an upcoming webinar, visit our events page.

(W) Community Fund for Canada's 150th

Process for Applying to the Community Fund for Canada’s 150th

Webinars - Details on how to apply to the Community Fund for Canada's 150th through the online platform.

(W) Foundation Essentials

Engaging the next generation of philanthropists

Webinars - Join Aneil Gokhale and Nicole Lilauwala of the Toronto Foundation to learn about their Vision 2020 initiative

Webinar: Asset Mix Matters

Webinars - How to maximize your impact with the right investments

Five Questions to Ask Your Investment Manager (2016)

Webinars - From our partner at Mawer Investment Management.

Using FIMS for Development and Stewardship (2015)

Webinars - How community foundations can track and measure donor stewardship using the Facilities Information Management System (FIMS) database.

The Community Forward Fund (2014)

Webinars - An overview of the Community Forward Fund (CFF), the first registered nonprofit loan fund in the country.

Web Analytics Benchmarking for Community Foundations (2014)

Webinars - A new Google Analytics Benchmarking tool for community foundations.

Canada’s Anti-spam Legislation (2014)

Webinars - An overview of Canada's new anti-spam legislation and how it affects non-profits.

Demystifying Funder Transparency with GrantCraft and Glasspockets (2014)

Webinars - An introduction to GrantCraft’s guide, Opening Up: Demystifying Funder Transparency and the Foundation Center’s transparency resource, Glasspockets

Orientation to Our Movement, Our Moment (2014)

Webinars - An introduction to CFC's strategic plan.

(W) HR Management

Managing People and Their Work (2016)

Webinars - The final webinar in our 3 part series will explore the nuts and bolts of managing foundation staff.

Getting the right people (2016)

Webinars - The second of a three-part series on HR management for your community foundation.

HR Policies and Practices the Backbone of Employee Management (2016)

Webinars - The first of a three-part HR management series being delivered to community foundations.

Onboarding and Transitioning a New ED (2015)

Webinars - How to successfully onboard or transition a new ED into your foundation.

Hiring the Right Director (2015)

Webinars - Best practices for recruiting a new Executive Director staff for a community foundation.

Succession Planning (2015)

Webinars - The value of succession planning and why it’s important to you and your Board.

(W) Smart & Caring Communities

Storytelling with Andy Goodman (2015)

Webinars - How community foundations can tell their smart and caring stories with Andy Goodman of The Goodman Centre.

From Action to Impact (2014)

Webinars - Early participants in Smart & Caring Communities talk about the impact they’re seeing locally, and where they plan to go from here.

From Strategy to Action (2014)

Webinars - Hear how community foundations across Canada are connecting Smart & Caring Communities to their strategic plans.

(W) Vital Signs

You’ve done Vital Signs — now what? Using your Vital Signs for impact

Webinars - How to get the most out of your Vital Signs report

Designing your Vital Signs report

Webinars - In this webinar we go over key elements of designing a report that is easy to read and visually appealing.

Using data and research for your Vital Signs

Webinars - This webinar will elaborate on the different types of data collection you can use for your Vital Signs

Engaging your community in Vital Signs

Webinars - This webinar will go over best practices and how you can engage your community through all phases of Vital Signs.

Taking the pulse of your community: An introduction to Vital Signs for community foundations

Webinars - A look ahead at what's in store for community foundations participating in Vital Signs in 2018.

Vital Signs – Communications (2017)

Webinars - Communications strategies for community foundations participating in Vital Signs.

Vital Signs – Community Engagement and Collaboration (2017)

Webinars - A webinar on engaging your community in the Vital Signs program.

Vital Signs Orientation (2017)

Webinars - An overview of the Vital Signs program.

Vital Signs Communications (2016)

Webinars - Communications strategies for community foundations participating in Vital Signs.

Getting Started with Vital Signs (2016)

Webinars - How community foundations can get involved in the Vital Signs program.

VitalSigns4All (2016)

Webinars - An introduction to VitalSigns4All, a refresh of the community foundation Vital Signs program.

(W) You Make Your Community

Black Press Media Partnership (2015)

Webinars - An overview of the media partnership opportunity between Black Press and community foundations in B.C.

Getting Involved with the You Make Your Community Campaign (2014)

Webinars - How to get involved with CFC's national #youmakeyourcommunity awareness campaign.

Maximizing Impact on Social Media (2014)

Webinars - Maximizing your impact on social media with CFC's national #youmakeyourcommunity campaign.

National Ad Campaign Screening & Strategy (2014)

Webinars - An overview of CFC"s national #youmakeyourcommunity campaign strategy, and a screening of our TV ad.

(W) Youth Catalyst Fund

Grant Program Overview for Charities (2015)

Webinars - How charities can apply to the Youth Catalyst Fund grant program.

Grant Program Overview for Community Foundations (2015)

Webinars - How communities can benefit from CFC's Youth Catalyst Fund.

Introducing CFC’s Youth Catalyst Fund (2015)

Webinars - An overview of CFC`s Youth Catalyst Fund and how community foundations can get involved.