Community Foundations of Canada Logos and Guidelines (2017)

Community Foundations of Canada’s logo is one of the most important visual components of our identity. Its function is to represent the national network for Canada’s community foundations.

Community Foundations of Canada’s logo is composed of a dozen shapes, all moving together in harmony. The shapes, colours and sizes represent the variety of communities that are home to Canada’s community foundations. The logo is modern and inviting, full of movement and the spirit of community.

As of March 2017, we have refreshed the design of Community Foundations of Canada’s logo, tagline and font to give it more impact, while keeping the vibrant elements of the brand we love so much. We’ve also created a new wordmark for our 25th anniversary to recognize the long-standing history, and ever-lasting efforts, of Canada’s community foundation network.

In addition to Community Foundations of Canada’s logo and 25th wordmark, we also have a 191 wordmark that reads “Brought to you by the 191 community foundations of Canada”. Originally created as a part of our national awareness campaign, this wordmark is sometimes used by community foundations across the country to reflect their involvement in a national movement.

Artwork files for print (.EPS), broadcast and web (.PNG) can be downloaded from the link below. The artwork files are available in English only, French only and bilingual. When using Community Foundations of Canada’s logo on white, black or colour backgrounds, please follow these basic guidelines:

  • Do not alter or redraw the logo
  • When changing the size of the logo, please ensure the proportion and orientation is not altered
  • Leave enough white space around the logo to give it room to breathe
  • Use the logo only for charitable, educational, or non-commercial purposes
  • Please reproduce the logo from authorized electronic artwork, using the provided and approved artwork files only

For further direction or guidelines on proper usage, please contact JP Nikota, Communications Coordinator at