Vital Signs communications toolkit and webinar for Community foundations (2017)

This communications package is designed to help community foundations spread the word about the launch of Vital Signs across the country. Use the following sample communications items to share news and generate buzz about this year’s Vital Signs launch.


Vital Signs boilerplate

Vital Signs is a national program led by community foundations and coordinated by Community Foundations of Canada that leverages local knowledge to measure the vitality of our communities and supports action towards improving our quality of life. Started by the Toronto Foundation in 2001, today close to 100 communities across Canada and around the world use Vital Signs to mobilize the power of community knowledge for local impact.


E-newsletter Samples

Get ready for our Vital Signs launch!
(Community Foundation) is releasing our 2017 Vital Signs report on (date). Together with other community foundations across Canada and around the world, we’re using local knowledge and data to measure the vitality of our community and take action to improve the quality of life in (community name).

Social Media



  • Vital Signs Week is only X days away! We’ll be launching our local report alongside more than 35 other community foundations across the country participating in the Vital Signs program. Find our report at on (date).
  • Mark your calendars! Our 2017 Vital Signs report will be released on (date) along with Community Foundations of Canada’s national report on community belonging and social participation. Learn more at


  • More than 35 community foundations across Canada are participating in ‎Vital Signs‬ this year! Find them at Catch all the action on Twitter and Facebook by following the #VSBelonging hashtag
  • Community Foundations of Canada launches national #VSBelonging report on community belonging and social participation. Read more at




  • Community foundations across Canada release‪ ‎Vital Signs reports in their communities today! Find them at #VSBelonging
  • .@CommFdnsCanada launches national Vital Signs report on how community-level systems affect belonging. Read report: (link)

Wordmark and Guidelines

The Vital Signs wordmark is designed to act as a common brand, connecting community foundations across the country that participate the Vital Signs program. Wordmark files are available in JPEG, GIF and EPS formats for you to edit. To make the wordmark stand out against a background colour other than black or white, you will need to download and edit the EPS version.